GOVERNor Stable Boulders


GS will be open from

Dec 15th, 2018 - August 31st, 2019.

Please read the information below and follow these 3 STEPS:

1. Read the RuleS (below)

2. Sign up for our Mailing List

3. Donate to SCPC

Type of climbing: Bouldering

Location: near Conoy Township Park, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 map

Land ownership and management: Private landowners

Current Access: Open from December 15th, 2018 - Aug 31st, 2019. Read and abide by the 2019 GS RULES. GS is extremely access sensitive and our cooperation is essential in keeping access for the future. Please be respectful and appreciative of having access to GS each year. Thank You!

SCPC Ambassador: Ryan Shipp

Additional Information: The Governor Stable Boulders are located on private land near Bainbridge, PA. The stone is Jurassic Diabase and is only found in PA, NJ, and South Africa. With over 300 problems varying in difficulty, style, angle, and height, GS has something for everyone. This area has a rich history of access issues and climbing leases are approved only on a annual basis from the landowners. We are extremely grateful that the landowners are open to having the climbing community lease the boulders. The relationship with the landowners is dependent upon how we impact their land and how we impact the surrounding neighborhood and community. It is extremely important for all of us to follow the 2019 GS RULES to ensure that we have access to this area each year. Thank You and sign up for our mailing list to stay informed about access at GS.

2019 GS Rules

- Due to our new model (no membership or day passes), fundraising efforts, climbing access is free for 2019. Governor Stable is open for climbing from December 15th, 2018 to August 31th, 2019 only.
- Everyone visiting Governor Stable must be signed up for the South Central Pennsylvania Climbers mailing list. SCPC must be able to contact the climbing community in the event of a access issue or change. Sign up for this mailing list at our home page on this site.
- Drive slowly on Governor Stable Road. Park in the Conoy Township parking lot near the pavilion. This is the only parking for GS and the lot is only open from dawn until dusk. Park here.
- Once you are parked, walk down the road staying to one side and take a right onto the planks leading to our kiosk.

- No dogs or other animals are permitted at Governor Stable.
- Alcohol is prohibited.
- Keep your volume to a reasonable level. There are neighbors very close by and we want to keep a good relationship with the community.
- Climbing is only allowed from dawn until dusk. No night climbing.
- “Leave No Trace” principles must be followed at all times while at Governor Stable.
- No native rock, flora, or fauna may be removed from Governor Stable at any time.
- Camping is not permitted. The closest camping is at the Elizabethtown/Hershey KOA located 2.5 miles away.
- The Slabs and Circuit Area are owned by a different landowner and they are closed until further notice. Do not go beyond the Pyramid Boulder.
- As a climber accessing Governor Stable, it is your duty to monitor the Governor Stable boulder field and help uphold these access rules. This is our boulder field, we need to protect it.
- From time to time, special events or area clean ups may restrict access to Governor Stable during the access season. All closures will be announced on the South Central Pennsylvania Climbers media sites.
- If at any time you are found in violation of any of the access rules, access to Governor Stable may be revoked.
- Check the SCPC Facebook for any most recent updates at

GS Guidebook (2nd edition)

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The 80 page 2nd Edition GS Guide is currently sold out and out of print. There may be a 3rd Edition in the coming years.

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There is a GS Guidebook App that is published by the guys at Gunks Apps. Download the GS App and all proceeds go to GS.